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meisaus said: hahahaha yo tambien tengo 19 y me atren los hombres mayore

Google translated this as: hahahaha I’m 19 and I also atren the men mayore

I’m guessing you’re saying your 19 and like older men?

oke then because the boys around me are so immature. and normaly i fall for dark haired men with a beard and dark eyes like hamdan, nasser and zayed bin sultan bin khalifa al nahyan.( he is so hot sheck him out on zayed fans tumblr if you don't know who he is) but tom is the oposite of all that, light eyes and blond hair. this is the first time i find a men like that attracrive. i'm confused :(


Ugh yeah teenage boys suck big time.
I’ve seen Zayed, he’s ok but not my cup of tea.
Aww no need to be confused, you’re still young you’ll like different guys as you grow up. And Tom is just soooo irresistible ;) I went through phases of most of the different races. Arabs will always be the hottest for me but Tom is my no.1 right now and that has more to do with his personality than looks :)

oooh i'm 16 and still go to school haha i have always felt something for older men but the limit is 35 years old.


Haha when I was younger I liked much older men too, it’s normal I guess. As you get older you’ll probably like them closer to your age, that’s what’s happened to me.

how old are you? and do you still go to school? if so than what dou you follow or what is your job( you don't have to answer me if you don't want to)


I’m ancient (24) and fangirling is my full time job ;) What about you?

hahahah thats a great gif. and that is propeble the only britische programe they show over here in belgium. Alan carr, the graham norton show and a few detective soaps. btw i just finished the deep blue sea and it was boring and depressing at the same time. thank god it only lasted an hour and a half. its 0:24 over here how about england? sleepthight! xoxo


I have the episode of Tom on Alan Carr saved on my Sky+ and watch it whenever no one is around haha. The cast of Amazing Spiderman2 is coming on Graham Norton this week so I’m going to be watching that! Watch his interviews on YouTube, they’re much more entertaining than his movies. I’m an hour behind you. Loki dreams x

Have you already seen only lovers left alive? and is it a good movie? LOL i'v just seen the naked scene btw i'm loving his but!!


Nope, I haven’t. My lame local cinema didn’t show it. Again, it looks like one of those long, boring movies lol.

That booty is definitely twerk worthy!

Ihave finiched archipelago it it was indeed a boring movie and especialy the moments where they say nothing. I don’t usually watch movie's like war horse but just like you I only wachted it for Tom. I live in Belgium and they don't have sky over here so i basically watch everything on internet. Well I think my next movie is gonne be The deep blue see becaus he is one of the main characters. But he just had his breakthrough so there are plenty of movie's to come where he is a main character.


Haha yeah there’s so many long moments of silence and them just eating. Enjoy The Deep Blue Sea (there’s naked Hiddles in there btw). Yes, there’s plenty to come :) You can look for Only Lovers Left Alive online, that’s his latest movie. It’s been having a staggered cinema release but people make gifs from it so it’s on the Internet somewhere.

do you live inthe U.K or in Asia?



i watched; war hose the avengers, thor (1&2) and i was gonne watch archipelago NOW! ( you recomend me any?) and do you know a site that has free movie's to watch without giving your e-mail and stuff?


Oh War Horse is an amazing film! I don’t usually watch movies like that so if it wasn’t for Tom I would never have discovered it.

I would not recommend Archipelago, that was one of the most boring and awkward things I’ve ever watched.

Midnight in Paris is good, though he’s not in it for much. And The Deep Blue Sea is one of those depressing movies, if you’re into that.

Wellander is a series he was in, it’s apparently good but I haven’t gotten round to watching it.

Um I don’t know, you could try putlocker? By beautiful fate most of his films used to repeat on Sky Movies frequently when I first started crushing on him last year lol, so I watched everything on TV.

ooh :( I tried to watch the hollow crown but its to poetic for me, couldn't understand a thing.


Aww yeah I studied enough Shakespeare in school to get the general gist of it but I’ll admit I skipped over most of the non-Hiddles scenes lol. Have you watched anything else of his?